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An La Ghien egg pan cake shop

An La Ghien egg pan cake shop

74 Suong Nguyet Anh St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.


Tel: (08) 3 8330 534

Fax: 9251263

Situated in the center of city, with thatched roof and red tile, the shop is like a new kind of wind to flow past such a modern space of Saigon. The food is a main factor that makes such place known to so many people.

Thus, what are you waiting for ? Join us here at ‘An la ghien' to journey to the place where traditional Vietnamese dishes are offered.

There are three branches so conveniece in service is assured. The shop spce is decorated with fellow or red color of bamboos, tiles. And also bright yellow is the color of egg pan cake flour. Coming to such shop, customers can enjoy fully all dishes related to the egg pan cake which makes such a difference from other shops. A delicious cake with tasteful soup create an appropriate appetite and a pure taste of traditional dish.

Beside the main egg pan cake, there are many other alternatives  available with different styles in the world. Moreover, the shop offers some other dishes to varify your choice everytime you visit it. Try and enjoy to the full such a familiar dish with Vietnamese people and feel the message suggested in the name the shop.

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